Onondaga Friends Association Meeting Minutes

Jul 14, 2015

 Attendees: Lori, Rex, Ron, Lisa, Lil, Alan, Maria, Kelly, Connie

Meeting called to order at 7:15 and we were all well fed because of the brilliant pot luck.

Lisa read the minutes and they were accepted.

Rex gave the Treasurer’s Report

Checking account $11246.57

Paypal account $1030.81

Cash on hand: $12276.67

Accounts receivable $840.82 in due from the park for advertising expenses

Total assets: $13118.20


Insurance has gone up to: $500


Committee Reports


Budget Committee

Al handed out and discussed the 2015 summary report. Need to link to the report. It is an excel file.



Thanks to Lil for the wildflower walk.

Plein Aire was very successful. We will probably repeat it.

Midsummer Night event was well timed. Next year we’ll do it on June 11. We will entertainment booked by January 31.

Cathedral Cave Night Tours are going well. Encourage the people who pay cash in the store to sign up so we get their info.

Photo tours are slow are still going.

Wild Caving Tours are going well. Participants need hard hats with chin straps.

Cave Conservation Corps is this week July 14-16. There are 9 kids ages 9-15.

Historical Cave Lantern Tour July 18 – 22 actors and 9 people signed up so far.

We’ll offer a $5 discount for campers and members. We’ll publicize this week.

Hot August Night – ticket sales going well. We need to add an event for the Friday night open mike night. Lil will make cucumber sandwiches and brownies. Lori will bring hummus, tapenade and fruit. Lisa bring vegan sandwiches and cookies. Ron will bring sweets and Mexican cornbread. Kelly will bring sandwiches.

Lisa will order coffee cups.

Kelly has a button maker.  Kelly will make buttons that say something like Cave Dawgs 2015.

Alan will set up a raffle.

Hire kids to haul chairs and usher. Kai, Scott, Dave, Rachel

Rex will ask Jeff to borrow chairs.

Green Living Fall Festival – Sept 26

Alan is contacting farmers. We’re having stations covering different aspects of sustainable living.

Let’s get a quote for an illustrator.

OFA Private Tours 

We set a rate for private tours. The donation will be the park group rate with a $100 minimum. Lori will send us something for private tours.


Blue Heron trial clearing is delayed until winter because of obvious reasons.


We have membership cards. And the party was a success.

We need a list of volunteer opportunities.

Lisa created a website for board members at virsan.org. She will send the board members all user ids and passwords.

Painting Loan

Phyllis Perkins has loaned us a Plein Aire painting to hang in the class room.

Nancy has gotten us permission to use most of the Plein Aire paintings for artwork.

We need banners made for events.

Donor board is in but not up. Bulletin board is still on its way.

We need to investigate the Community Foundation for the Ozarks and see if it is a valid investment.

Fall Fundraiser

Are we going to do it? Lori will ask Deborah if she is willing to help or give us a list of donors.

WiFi at the visitor center

Maybe we could get QR codes. And get a grant for WiFi. Lori will look into it.

Next board meeting at the Collin’s 6pm Oct 8. Bring food for another glorious potluck.


Meeting adjourned 10:05pm