Onondaga Friends are always working on improvements for the Cave & the surroundings!  Take a look at a few of the things we have going on at the Park.  We keep this information as current as we can, so check back as often as you would like.  Don’t forget you can also find out a lot of the most current events via Facebook.  If you have any questions about park projects or how you could get involved with OFA, just call 573-245-6576!

A Few of our Projects:

Visitor Center Gardens

We keep up with the Visitor Center Gardens, by keeping the weeds pulled, and the plants, a’planted!  General upkeep of the gardens keeps your walk from the parking lot up to the cave entrance a delightful sight.  We are happy to have installed a garden bench and a water garden in the Visitor Center Gardens.

Cave Restoration

We always want to make certain that the caves are kept in their best possible shape.  You will often find us performing clean – up and special projects designated by park staff.  Many thanks to Jim Cooley, for in April of 2013 we were able to complete a gate project for Cathedral Cave.  We have also placed rim stone dams around twins, first platform and Missouri Caverns.

Park Maintenance

You will often times find us out on the trails, keeping the clutter cleaned up.  We have also performed a self guided tour of the Blue Heron Trail.

Special Events

We get excited about special events at Onondaga Cave and show our support by providing additional staffing, collecting donations for the park, assisting with the setup and take down for special events and conducting nature education programs.

Here are a couple of our special Projects!

Blue Heron Trail Cultural Interpretive Project ~ We have raised about $3,300 toward our project goal to re-roof the old stone round house!  We will be clearing and mulching the overlook in front of the roundhouse in 2016, creating restful places to enjoy the cave spring and Onondaga Lake.  Once the round house is completed, we will add interpretive displays, offering a panorama of Onondaga’s rich cultural and geologic history.  Please contact us if you want to help clear the overlook.  Thank you in advance!

Recycling Program ~ We have raised $100 toward a recycling trailer to help us with recycling.Did you know that Onondaga Cave State Park won the Missouri Agencies  Recycling Award for 2015?  This award was based on the amount of recycling the park does, the green and Missouri-made products sold in the gift shop, and the green events the park has emphasized!

Tree GrantWorking on a grant to replace some trees in the campground and at the Visitor Center.

Bench at Visitor Center ~ We are working with the Mirimaguoa Master Naturalists to build this bench!