Park Nature Trails

The Blue Heron Trail is a shady 1/2 mile walk that follows along the natural oxbow lake and passes the spring and waterfall that flow from Onondaga Cave’s Lost River. On this trail, you may see Great Blue Herons, Otters, Muskrats, Canada Geese, Red-Eared Slider Turtles sunning on logs, and many native flowers, such as the Cardinal Flower, Bloodroot and Columbine.

The Deer Run Trail is a 2 3/4 mile trail which follows through the forest, over a couple small glades and has a few high overlooks on the Meramec River – a beautiful sight! Along the river, you may see some Herons, Ducks, Coots or Eagles.

The Oak Ridge Trail is a 3 1/4 mile trail where you will find many delicate native glade flowers, Chinkapin Oak Trees, lizards, and if you’re lucky, you may see one of Missouri’s elusive tarantulas. Tread softly and protect these critters! All creatures serve an important role in their natural habitat, so please use normal precautions when hiking.

Vilander Bluff Trail – info coming soon

Trail maps are available at the Visitor Center – stop by, say hello, shop and look through the interpretive classroom and museum. This park is beautifully maintained, and there are so many things to do – besides hiking, there is swimming, photography, cave tours, naturalist programs, special events and much more!

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