Onondaga Friends Association Meeting Minutes

July 11, 2016

Quarterly Meeting

Attendees: Lil, Al, Ron, Rex, Lori, Lisa

Meeting called to order at 7:14ish.

The minutes were discussed by attendees.

Rex gave the Treasurer’s Report:

Checking account $4599.19

Paypal account $3909.52

Accounts receivable from park $1315.76

Total assets: $8508.71

Committee Reports:


Maria needs to order advertising through OFA.

We would like to research the effectiveness of advertising for our events.

Advertise on facebook for music and meditation events.

Lori will talk to Mike about getting our flyers on the bulletin board by the shower house.

Brochures are in.

Lori will talk to Terry Weller about inviting Kaleidoscope to hot august night and maybe they will write a story.

Hot August Night

We are waiting to see if we get a grant from MAC to pay the musicians. If we don’t get a grant the amount that we pay will be $500.

Lori or Charla will do Facebook page for this event.

Previous Events

Earth day for kids went well. Charla has comments.

Bat fest. Need info from Maria.

Historical Cave lantern tour – was fun.

18 paying guests

20 actors

Green fest update from Maria

Blue Heron Trail OFA project

We will start clearing the trail when it cools off.

Lil will bring it up at master naturalist.

Outdoor classroom interpretive walk – Lori bought 2 bat houses for the trail.

TRIM grant – we will find out in September if we got it.

Total project cost is 10,916.


2 tents

28 caving helmets

Planned Acquisitions

Tablecloth for events

Lisa will write a cancelation policy for wild cave tours.

We discussed OFA creating a memorandum of understanding to be the umbrella organization for a new non-profit proposed by Lori. The new non-profit will obtain grant money to buy a building in Leasburg at 115 W Springfield. No action taken.