April 5, 2017

Onondaga Friends Association Quarterly Meeting

Meeting Agenda

Participants:  Rex, Lori, Kelly, Theresa, Charla, Michael

Meeting open at 6:45

Previous meeting minutes are read and approved as read.

Treasury report:

Checking $9124.76

Pay Pal $2179.82

Total $11,30458

Budget meeting annual operating budget spread sheet

$16,470 total amended budget has been read and approved.

Amendment budget will be forwarded to all member

Kelly moved and Lori seconded  – approved

New business

  •         Cartridges for printer need to be replaced.

It was suggested to purchase off internet within two month.

Lori first moved to purchase a round of colored ink

Theresa seconded – approved

  •         Rex moved to delay billing OCSP on advertising Cuba Free Press

Seconded Kelly-  approved

  •         $100 stipend used for web site work for Lori to use and will stay with Lori
  •         IPad will be used by event manager in the future stored at the cave.
  •         Responsibilities outside of President Position (since 2011)-Lori Moore review
  •         Titles for Lori: Executive Director over seen by the board

No quorum. Move to next meeting

  •         Review and update bylaws of OFA and the positions of the officer’s job descriptions.
  •         Annual Report moving to next meeting
  •         WiFi needs to be researched for useable project

Membership/Outreach committee

  •         Membership push is needed
  •         Promotions:

o   Membership card brought to other events or tours for discounts using coupons

o   Being more present at outside events: Leasburg Car Show May 20th … raffle of events at cave

o   Bat head picture booth

o   Blow up cave per Michael, cave maze,

o   Waynesville Cruse in

o   Fair St Louis booth July 4th

o   Earth Day in Rolla April 20th


  •         Table pull up banner for trade events can be purchase for under $200 as a goal
  •         Table cloth for events that were purchase is in transient for delivery.
  •         Advertising bill board placed in Eureka area before the competitions advertising.
  •         Charla suggested building a board at her property for Cave advertising.
  •         Barn wraps
  •         Advertise at Indian Hills Lake for events

Additional tasks to be completed

  •         Volunteers MS&T potential new volunteers
  •         Need to get templates from Lisa
  •         Need to perform a committee for flyers.
  •         Business cards for everyone print universal cards for board members.  Rex moved   Kelly seconds- approved

Marketing committee

Membership committee

  •         Data membership list
  •         Blog, FB, outreach social media

Charla has connections w/ Crawford tourism group (Kim Rhodemeyer) for: Relive the tour from 1904

Lantern tour

Project Committee

  •         Blue Heron Trail project: Building repairs, Bridge, Overlook, benches
  •         Need estimates for these projects
  •         ‘Coming soon donate now’ sign: visit web page need to have buzz for nature trail
  •         Hot summer night Aug 5th

o   Music Violet and the Undercurrents, Mark Holland (plan B)

o   Woman in the Round

o   Wind and Fire

o   Bella A Donna -Springfield

o   Flee Bitten Dogs

  •         Greenfest

o   Vendor organized

o   Village staying the same?


Bio Blitz?

o   Family group site in primitive camping area.  It was discussed this could be for all overflow for camping.

o   Sponsorship

o   Conference call to Rob for Rack Cards

o   Advertise at Indian Hills Lake for events

Next meeting July 5th at 6:30 at Lori’s

Adjourn at 9:37pm