Onondaga Friends Association Meeting Minutes

Jan 25, 2016

Annual Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:25

Attendees: Lori, Rex, Ron, Lisa, Lil, Alan, Maria, Kelly

Guest : Charla Byington


Election of Officers

Officers same as last year except VP.

Al made a motion and Ron seconded

Unanimously passed.

Lisa nominated Lil to be VP. Rex seconded.

Al made a motion to re-elect Lori, Rex and Lisa. Ron seconded.

Unanimously passed.

New board members

We unanimously elected Charla to the board. Welcome Charla!

Annual meeting adjourned at 7:40ish.


Quarterly Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:40ish.

Lisa read the minutes and they were accepted.

Rex gave the Treasurer’s Report:

Checking account $5483.72

Paypal account $2302.69

Total assets: $7786.41

Committee Reports

Budget Committee

Rex presented the 2015 Budget report. You can read it here.

Lori proposed that we will discuss the 2016 budget at the 2nd quarter meeting.


New mission statement – “The mission of Onondaga Friends Association is to raise awareness, provide education, and increase appreciation of our caves and the unique surrounding cultural and ecological environment that is Onondaga State Park.”

Kelly moved and Lil seconded it and we approved the state park.

Lisa will do the bookmarks and change the mission statement on the brochure. We will print more but did not determine how many.

We have 269 subscribers on for our email newsletter.

We have 26 purchasers and 59 members as of the end of 2015.

We are going to advertise where Meramec Caverns advertises. Marie proposed OFA pay half of the cost for an ad on the E-tractions map. It will be $700.

Rex moved that we reduce our last advertising invoice to help cover the $700.  Kelly seconded it. We approved it unanimously.

Charla will be in charge of social media. We all need to be admins on the facebook page.


Cathedral Cave Night Tours –  were lucrative this year.

We need to do something to thank our tour guides.

OFA Private Tours  – also lucrative. We need volunteer guides.  And need to promote private tours to groups. We will start emailing each other with ideas.

Green Fest – Maria will send out monthly updates on the progress.

Bat Fest will be either April 9&10. Only one will of those days will be at Onondaga.

Midsummer Night – June 11 and we’ll have World Bird Sanctuary again.

We need to satisfy the NEEF grant. Ideas include having Earth Day at Bourbon or

Sustainability stations at Art in the Park in Steelville.


Blue Heron trail – Phase one will be done within a month. We might get one stalker stump for the blue heron trail.

Bat Survey – Very sad report. We’ve lost most of the bats.


  • 4 wildlife cameras.
  • solar cells, stirling engines and multimeters.
  • a Fender PA system and a cordless lapel mike.
  • Banners


total for 2015 was $3260

Goal for 2016 grants

bioacoustics monitoring system – $5000

20 Hard helmets with strap and light for caving.


Outdoor fitness area

ADA Playground

After school programs

Other Goals:


Hands on items for the nature room


Recycling trailer


Event planning meeting will be Feb 2 at 9am at the park.

Next board meeting at the Rex and Lori’s on Monday April 11 at 6:30pm. Bring food for another glorious potluck.

Meeting adjourned 9:45pm