Onondaga Friends Association Meeting Minutes

Feb 10, 2015

Annual Meeting

Attendees: Lori, Rex, Ron, Lisa, Lil, Alan. Melody, Maria, Kelly

Guests: Connie

Meeting called to order at 6:52

Ron gave the Treasurer’s Report.

Bank $6883.91

Paypal $292.00

Total current balance $7175.91

Officer Elections

Ron is stepping down from treasurer.

Ron nominated Rex for treasurer and Melody seconded. Elected unanimously.

Deb is stepping down from vice president.

Lil nominated Melody for vice president and Lisa seconded. Elected unanimously.

Lori remains president and Lisa remains secretary.

Adjourned at 7:02


Quarterly Meeting

Lisa read the minutes and they were accepted.

Ron gave the Treasurer’s Report.

Bank $6883.91

Paypal $292.00

Total current balance $7175.91

We got a grant for 600 from the Missouri Arts Council.

Committee Reports


 OFA needs to send an invoice to the park every month for the advertising costs. We have to collect the bills from the PO box or the box at the cave.

The park will do any advertising that we request. We get the advertising at half price if we do bill it through OFA.

Announcements for the park

We’re getting new billboard wraps.

Aaron Sanders is a new park maintenance worker.

And we’re hiring a new naturalist in a couple of weeks.

Internet at the visitor center

Park is getting a dedicated T1 line.  Maria trying to get a connection in the nature room. And will try to get the wifi back.

New Brochures and Book Marks

Brochures – make cute names for membership levels. Don’t put money when you open the brochure. Do during March. Add kids for free. 2 kids for 2 adults.

Need membership rewards – Riley the bat badge.

Book Marks – due by end of Feb.

Social Media

Kelly will work with social media but she information from us.

Lisa will create Riley the bat for twitter. Lil will help.

How to bring in new board members

We can have up to 13 board members.


Lori gave everyone a copy of the 2014 financial report. We discussed it. Al, Lori, Ron, Rex will revise the 2014 financial report and the 2015 budget.

We need to advertise photo tours of cathedral and Onondaga. They will both be on the same day this year.


We need a marketing committee. An idea is to give tickets or memberships and create information to go with them. Kelly, Lil, Melody, Lisa, Lori, Connie

We need to get info to Barb to write articles. We need to contribute content to the website.


Need a committee to review membership and rewards. Connie will work on the membership list. This will be subcommittee of marketing

Quarterly meetings will remain dinner meetings. We’ll meet at each other’s houses.


 OFA volunteers need to be members or they need to fill out a form.  We could use church groups to help man events.


Blue Heron Trail

Maria found old photos of the building. The park is going to fill in the cistern this summer.  OFA can work on it.

Recycling Trailer

We need more specs. Kelly will talk to Duane about the specs.

Indiegogo campaign

Al will look at it.


Maria will send out an email with more details on each event.

We discussed STARCO Plein Air in the cave – June 5-13

If you have an event you’re interested in, you’re on the committee.

Melody nominated Connie to the board. Kelly seconded. Connie Stephens was elected unanimously to the board.

Next meeting is April 16 at 6 at Rex and Lori’s.

Meeting adjourned 9:17.